Remodel Old Mobile Home

Progress Photos on This Project

1973 Mobile Home, 1904 Square Feet

Exterior At Purchase


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Exterior Now

New Windows and Doors are Energy Star rated. The birds’ nest at the marriage line seam was removed after the babies grew up and the opening closed off so they can’t get in there any more.


One thought on “Remodel Old Mobile Home

  1. The old blue aluminum siding was literally flapping in the breeze in places when I bought this place. There were several windows broken, leaving gaps that had to be plugged as a temporary measure so we could have heat on to work inside the house through the winter. The short sidewalk you see in the photo above was very steep, about a two foot grade on a 15 foot walk way made it very steep and impossible to walk on after a frost or freeze.

    I had Lowe’s do the siding and windows, and although it cost a very pretty penny, the house is much warmer now. They added lateral support boards and hung OSB boards to the exterior, before installing the siding and windows.

    I didn’t realize how breezy the house had been inside until the siding and new windows were in.

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