Brings Back Memories

I have two axes to grind: a two-and-a-quarter-pound Boy’s Ax, and a Fiskars 28” Splitting Ax. Tim gave me the Boy’s Ax for Christmas in 1984, my first winter in Vermont. I was living in a poorly insulated cabin smaller than my Manhattan apartment. I heated the cabin with a small, wood stove. The ax […] … Continue reading Brings Back Memories



By Nancy Owens, © Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved Photo / Image by Nancy Owens Copyright by Nancy Owens EASY DIY LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION SOLUTION Tired of lugging hoses and sprinklers around your yard to water it, then dragging everything back so you can mow the lawn? These Orbit gear driven sprinklers are the perfect solution unless … Continue reading ORBIT GEAR DRIVEN SPRINKLERS